The Choose Cohoes Art Committee

Cohoes has a long history of innovators and artists. The city by the Falls that has been in existence for over 150 years, at one time had an opera house as well as a music hall and had three theaters. Today, the music hall attracts much attention but Cohoes is also the home to a dance school, a number of photographers, musicians, painters, mixed media artists as well as fiber artists. As a matter of fact, if it’s an art or craft, someone in Cohoes probably does it.

Choose Cohoes is an organization of business owners, private citizens and concerned individuals who love this old city and want to see it restored to its glory of yore. Since the mission of Choose Cohoes is so broad, there have been a number of subcommittees that have developed. Ed Tremblay was the first to see that value of an art committee and so – we were born.

Now comprised of a core of about 8 people (almost half of whom would not consider themselves artists), this small group has successfully staged 2 very impressive artist showcases. These showcases, to which all artists in Cohoes were invited, have reinvigorated the arts in Cohoes. The first year (2011) about 200 people came to the Cohoes Artist Showcase. In 2012, there were about 300. This year, we hope for even more.

Art is growing and changing, just as we would like our committee to be. We would like more – more artists, more styles of art, more input. We have a couple of professional studios in Cohoes. We have a professional gallery. We have a professional theater. We have no way to go but up.

This forum will be used to showcase these artists and their work. Become involved. Send suggestions for individuals to be highlighted. Join the Art Committee (meetings are listed on the Choose Cohoes calendar). Share your ideas for projects. Like beauty, art is in the mind of the beholder.

Anne Marie Koschnick – C0-Chair Choose Cohoes Art Committee

art show visitor

A visitor admires art on display at the second annual Cohoes Artist Showcase

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